Without Art the World Has No Color

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Tegan and Sara were AMAAAAAZING Wednesday night at the Cubby Bear!! I love you Tegan and Sara and I love you Q87.7!!!

"Untrust us" by Crystal Castles. The song I am currently jammin to with my 4 yr old sister

True story. Happy Mothers Day!
Mannnn jelly rolls used to be the most fun things to doodle with ever…

NOT the Mama!! It’s still funny fifteen plus years later..

Uum what the FUCK? Haha I still love it. 

"Paradise" Coldplay

Ass Back Home. Gym Class Heroes <3

My favorite scene from Harriet the Spy, and the exact garden that I want!! 

I am gonna miss you, Grace. I seriously wish they would stop killing the characters that I love. Anyone else what the fucking over Grace? 

British Sci-fi? YES PLEASE.

Misfits is about a group of delinquents serving community service who develop super powers during a freak electrical storm.  This is show is hilarious, shocking, very dark, very cool, and rather addicting. 

Being Human is a show based on the lives of three roommates who happen to all be supernatural beings. One is a werewolf, one is a vampire, and the other is a ghost.  Interesting story line, funny characters, and really entertaining. 

Skins. The brilliance of British television. 

My favorite scene from Parks and Recreation!

THE most badass room in the whole world!! 

Workout to “Block After Block” by Matt&Kim

I am awful at working out and motivating myself enough to get up and do anything so I have been trying my hardest to come up with fun workouts that I will maybe enjoy enough to actually do. I created a fun workout to the song “Block After Block” by Matt&Kim. It’s a fun fast paced song and this is a good quick cardio workout that hopefully someone other than me will enjoy! 

For the first 42 seconds run in place to the beat of the music and listen to the electric keyboard. Follow that pace and not just the drums (drums are much slower). 

Then at second 43 when the music changes, hop to the beat. So jump up and down to that pace until around second 52 jump side to side to the beat (fluidly, so mostly move your feet side to side with the jumps and keep your body relatively centered). Then after the minute mark the beat gets faster and you’re gonna run in place again.  

At 1:39 the hops straight up and down start. TO THE BEAT! At 1:44 start the side jumps LEFT TO RIGHT! 1:58 is time to run in place to the beat of the keyboard. 2:16  is super fast time so run as fast as you can! at 2:35 it’s time to slow it down a bit and at this point it’s time to run to the beat of the drum cymbal until the end of the song.  

If it’s too hard to run real fast for the whole time then just jog at a slower pace! Moving is moving.  

Because of my love for Sandy Skoglund, I based an art piece from her work &#8220;Radioactive Cats&#8221;. I used a picture that I took of an alley downtown in Chicago, and then I used photoshop to make all my cats neon green and placed them in the picture. What on earth would we do without wonderfully constructive outlets like art?